Food Distribution in Franklin County
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Carrabelle, FL 32322

Food Distribution in Franklin County

Next Thursday, 3/26/2020, we are changing to drive through distribution. Clients will no longer enter the building.
Drive west of NE Avenue B. Cars will line up on NE Avenue B starting at the stop sign, neaer the red fireplug, by the church steps.
A volunteer will signal the next car at the stop sign to turn right onto Tallahassee Street and pull toward the pantry entrance.
STAY IN YOUR CAR. We will load the food into your car. Please help us by doing the following.
• Have your right (passenger) side window open so we can talk to you.
• Have the trunk lid open (or tailgate down) so we can load from the rear. If unable, unlock the right (passenger) side door(s) and make sure there is room to load the food.
• Next, pull forward to the Farm Share tables so we can load your items.

Social Distancing: We are making these changes to keep everyone as safe as we can. There are bound to be “kinks” in our procedures, and we may have to make changes as we move forward. We ask that you please be patient. We will make accommodations when needed. For example, some come on bicycles or tricycles. There will be a place to load the bikes. If the line of cars gets long, it can extend to the southbound lane of NE 1st Street or onto the eastbound lane of NE Avenue C.

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