FSUCML-Conservation Lecture Series in November
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Thursday, November 8, 2018

3618 Coastal Highwy 98, St. Teresa, FL 32358

Phone Number
(850) 697-4095



FSUCML-Conservation Lecture Series in November

Revealing The Secrets of The Deep:  A Brief History of Ocean Exploration

Lecture by Dr. Sandra Brooke, FSUCML Research Facility

7-8 pm~~ Free and open to the public. Lecture followed by light refreshments and conservation with the speaker.

Have you ever gazed at the ocean and wondered what was out there? Well, humans have been doing the same thing for a very long time. Ancient civilization began sailing the seas around 4000 BC and the 15th century heralded ambitious voyages by the Chinese and Europeans. Early endeavors were focused on discovery of new resources, but by the 17th century scientific voyages had begun. Today we have sophisticated ships and other tools to assist our understanding of the deep sea. This lecture follows human discovery of our oceans and presents a glimpse into the future of exploration. Dr. Brooke will also discuss being part of a research team that just recently discovered a new 85-mile long coral reef about 160 miles off of the coast Charleston, South Carolina.  




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