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206 Hwy 98 E, Carrabelle, FL 32322

Phone Number
(850) 697-3618


City of Carrabelle

8 am-4:30 pm.  Do you ever feel like you don’t have quick access to information regarding City and County projects, budgets, and meeting minutes; incidents and happenings; boil water notices; upcoming events and activities?  Tired of waiting for the weekly newspaper only to read about week-old news?  You don’t have to feel that way any longer.  Below are several websites and Facebook links that provide ongoing information to you free of charge.  If the info you need isn’t provided at these sites or links, you can always make a phone call and staff will be happy to assist.  The entities listed below strive to keep you informed and up to date so you can make the best decisions possible in all aspects of your life.  As I always say, I hope this helps some.  Brenda La Paz, Mayor – City of Carrabelle

City of Carrabelle at: AND

Carrabelle Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) at:

Carrabelle Police Department at: AND

Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce at: AND

Brenda La Paz, Mayor Carrabelle, Florida at:

Carrabelle Airport at:

Carrabelle Airport Fly-in at:


Franklin County, Florida Government at:

Franklin County Sheriff's Office, A.J. "Tony" Smith, Sheriff at:  AND

Franklin County Emergency Management at: AND

Franklin County RESTORE-Act information at:

Franklin County Senior Citizens Center at: 

Franklin County Tourist Development Council at:

Weems Memorial Hospital at:

Franklin County Public Library at:

View Franklin County Commission Meeting on Forgotten Coast T.V. at:

YouTube videos of City of Carrabelle and CRA meetings, RESTORE-Act meetings, and other videos of community interest at “Carrabelle, Florida Sea for Yourself”:

Like & follow on Facebook:  City of Carrabelle

The City of Carrabelle is now providing a new online “building permit search portal”. This portal can be accessed through the City’s website and allows the public to see all building permits, locations, and names of those who have been issued building permits. Most all your questions regarding building permits that have been issued in Carrabelle can now easily be found online. Go to home page, “Quick Links” menu, bottom button on the right-hand side.


Carrabelle Webcam

Check out the CarrabelleCam streaming live from the picturesque Carrabelle River! CarrabelleCam is provided in partnership with the Carrabelle Community Redevelopment Agency, C-Quarters Marina, and the Franklin County Tourist Development Council



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City of Carrabelle
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