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Located in the panhandle of Florida, we are about an hour's drive southwest of Tallahassee. Carrabelle is laid-back and quiet...rural Florida, where the past meets the present. Our un-crowded, white-sand beaches are perfect for family vacations, romantic interludes or just much needed quiet for the soul. Here you will fully appreciate one of the last unspoiled areas in Florida where natural treasures await you and the stresses of life seem to fade away.

People come to Carrabelle not only for fabulous fishing, but also to sail, snorkel, scuba dive, scallop, play on the beaches or to just steal away from the real world for a while. Wildlife is plentiful. It is not unusual to spot a deer, fox, blue heron, pelican, or at the right time of year, to see a family of black bears at play. If luck is really with you, you may be entertained by the local porpoise when walking the beach or riding in a boat.

We invite you to come to Carrabelle for the vacation of your dreams. Where crowded beaches, traffic delays and fast food restaurants do not exist. Here you can truly unwind and enjoy the beauty of our white-sand beaches and river marshes, while you take in the sound of softly lapping waves and the rustle of palms swaying in the gentle breezes. Until just recently, Florida's "Forgotten Coast" has just been our little secret...shhh!!! Just maybe it's better if not too many people know.


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