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Carrabelle, FL 32322

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Jon Johnson @ (850) 810-4568


Black Bear Bayou Subdivision

The Hidden Treasure of Carrabelle

A natural 45 acre subdivision for nature loves with seven unspoiled lots on the Crooked River only two miles from the center of the town of Carrabelle.

Black Bear Bayou is located on the pristine Crooked River, which derives its name from its meandering course. The property is positioned on a wide bend of the river forming a peninsula of land.  This affords a breathtaking panoramic view of the river and the Tate’s Hell State Forest beyond.


The waterfront subdivision was laid out after carefully considering how to have the least impact on the habitat and its wildlife occupants. Lots vary in size from three to eleven acres. Each lot is unique. One even has a beautiful pond where otters reside.


Another important feature is the secluded nature of the subdivision. Only two miles north of Carrabelle, a short distance from Highway 67, it’s close to stores, the coastline and its barrier islands, boat ramps, etc., but still far enough away to allow a sense of seclusion. The configuration of the lots provides another significant feature.

Black Bear Bayou, build your house and live forever.


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